What is Wellness Integration Coaching and how is it different than therapy? 

Wellness Integration Coaching is a holistic, strengths-based, ‘here-and-now’, mentoring relationship with a helping professional that focuses on supporting what is generally already working for people, especially through transitions after wilderness, traveling abroad, retreats or treatment experiences. Wellness Integration supports clients in identifying available internal and external resources to help support them in meeting their potential and improve their quality of life. We focus on: Goal refinement & maintenance, accountability, interpersonal connection/mentorship, providing opportunities for > self-reflection and resourcing. 

Therapy, on the other hand, is indicated for people who may be experiencing chronic emotional crisis. Therapy supports those who seek to address deeper unresolved issues such as grief and trauma, debilitating anxiety or depression, acute distress within relationships, or active substance abuse. It is complex work, often exploring the past as it relates to the present. Wellness Coaching is more geared towards building on pre-existing insight and awareness with the intention of supporting consistent action towards wholeness in daily life. 

People seeking Wellness Coaching are often looking to clarify and refine smart goals with the broad intention of taking action and maintaining positive momentum through transition. Those seeking services are typically adolescents / young adults exiting wilderness, therapeutic programs, parents looking for extra support through system transition, or those who’ve recently participated on a retreat/workshop who are looking to maintain focus on integration with support by a helping professional. 

Wellness Coaching services are not appropriate for persons needing deeper therapeutic treatment. If you feel you may be in crisis, please contact 911 or your local health care services. 

*Note – We will refer to appropriate therapeutic services if intensity of need surpasses the role of a Wellness Coach.